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Women's Health

Well-Woman Checkup

One of the best ways you can stay healthy is to schedule a yearly well-woman checkup.

Well-woman checkups are a covered benefit for our members. During this checkup, your provider will do a:

  • Mammogram – for women age 40 and older a yearly mammogram and a clinical breast exam by a healthcare provider is recommended.
  • Pap Test – women age 21 and older (or sooner if sexually active) should have a yearly cervical cancer screening.
  • Chlamydia Test – women should be tested yearly (usually at time of Pap) after becoming sexually active.

We offer a handout (PDF) with more information on each of these tests. 

Getting a well-woman checkup each year along with an Adult Well Visit can help catch problems early, before they become difficult to treat. A woman’s health can change quickly. That’s why it’s important to schedule a well-woman checkup each year.

You can call your primary care physician (PCP) to schedule a well-woman checkup, or you may call an OB/GYN.