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For Providers

Secure Provider Web Portal

If you are a contracted Iowa Total Care provider, you can register now. If you are a non-contracted provider, you will be able to register after you submit your first claim. 

Once you have created an account, you can use the Iowa Total Care provider portal to: 

  • Verify member eligibility
  • View member health records
  • View the PCP Panel (Patient List)
  • View and Submit Claims and Adjustments
  • Verify Claim Status
  • Verify Proper Coding Guidelines
  • View Payment History
  • View and Submit Prior Authorizations
  • Check Prior Authorization Requirements
  • Verify Prior Authorization Status
  • View Gaps in Member Care
  • Contact Us Securely and Confidentially
  • Add/Remove Account Users
  • Determine Payment/Check Clear Dates
  • Add/Remove TINS from a User Account
  • View PCP Quality Incentive Report
  • View and Print Explanation of Payment (EOP)


Become a Provider

Join Our Network

Iowa Total Care is pleased to partner with contracted providers on claims testing to ensure a successful implementation.  The goal of testing is to validate our providers’ understanding of the claim submission process with Iowa Total Care, as well as to test the set-up of the claims system to ensure accuracy of benefits and payment structures. 

If you are interested in participating in claim testing, please contact us Iowa Total Care at 833-404-1061 or