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Electronic Visit Verification

What is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

EVV is a way of recording information like check-in and check-out times on services you provide to Medicaid members in their home and community. EVV uses technology like smart devices and landline phones. EVV is required by a law called the 21st Century Cures Act and all states have to use it. Iowa Total Care will require you to record visits using the EVV starting January 1, 2021. Using EVV will allow you to submit completed visits.

Who is CareBridge?

CareBridge is a company that builds solutions to help people who get services in their home and community. One of the CareBridge solutions is an EVV system that is Cures Act compliant. The CareBridge EVV can be used on a smart phone, GPS-enabled tablet or the member’s home phone. EVV will record the service times, place and care plan activities. 

How much will EVV cost?

The CareBridge EVV system is free for you to use.

Will training be provided?

Yes, CareBridge has training designed for caregivers that will be offered several times so you can pick which time works best for you. We will host webinars, give you resource guides and access to a training site, and provide on-going support. And all training, guides and videos will be available in the CareBridge online Resource Library for you to use at any time.

During CareBridge EVV training, you will learn about how to:

  • Check-in and check-out
  • Create ad-hoc visits
  • Create manual entries
  • Document observed changes
  • Complete care plan activities
  • Check and resolve any billing issues


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