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Iowa Total Care adheres to the State of Iowa Preferred Drug List (PDL) to determine medications that are covered under the Iowa Total Care Pharmacy Benefit, as well as which medications may require Prior Authorization (PA). 

Some members may have copayment or cost share when utilizing their prescription benefits. Please refer to the Iowa Total Care Member ID card for information or call Iowa Total Care at 1-833-404-1061.

For pharmacists only: For point-of-sale billing issues, please call 1-833-750-4405.

Submit your prior authorization (PA) requests electronically through CoverMyMeds.

Electronic prior authorization (ePA) automates the PA process, making it simpler to complete PA requests. The ePA process is HIPAA-compliant and enables faster determinations.

For select drugs and plans, CoverMyMeds may issue immediate approval of your request and update your patient record to allow immediate claim adjudication.

To find a pharmacy that is in the Iowa Total Care network, you can use the Find a Provider tool.