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How to Apply for Medicaid in Iowa

You can apply for Iowa Medicaid all year. We believe that access to high-quality healthcare should be easy and local. That is why we’ve provided detailed steps below to help you through the Iowa Medicaid enrollment process.

Check your eligibility today. Then, you can enroll!

Apply & Enroll in Iowa Medicaid

Iowa Medicaid offers health insurance for children, pregnant women, families with children, elderly, and adults and children with disabilities.

If you think you might be eligible for Iowa Medicaid member services, you can apply for Medicaid Services with the State of Iowa of Health and Human Services (Iowa HHS). When you apply for Medicaid with Iowa HHS, you can select Iowa Total Care as your health plan.

You can apply for Medicaid Services and enroll in a health plan provided by Iowa Total Care a few ways. Learn more below.

Apply Over the Phone:

You can apply for Medicaid Services and enroll in an Iowa Medicaid health plan, by calling:

    • Iowa HHS Contact Center at 1-855-889-7985

Apply Online:

You can apply online at the Iowa HHS Services Portal

If you want to apply by mail, you will need to download a paper application from Iowa HHS, complete it, and mail it to:
Imaging Center 4
PO Box 2027
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406