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  • Member must be eligible for Iowa Total Care Medicaid at the time of the request.
  • Additional eligibility requirements:
    • The breast pump must be deemed medically necessary.
    • A prescription must be obtained from a physician (Doctor of Medicine, Osteopathy, or Podiatry) Physician Assistant or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.
      • The prescription from the provider should include:
        • Member’s name.
        • Diagnosis.
        • Prognosis.
        • Item or items to be dispensed.
        • Length of time the item is to be required.
        • Signature of the prescriber and the signature date.
    • The member should not have access to another payment source (i.e., private insurance).
    • Breast pump must be purchased through a durable medical equipment (DME) supplier contracted with Iowa Total Care.
    • Member will be allowed one breast pump per pregnancy.


  • The DME provider may bill Medicaid using code E0602 for a manual pump or E0603 for an electric pump (non-medical grade).
  • This code can only be billed under the mother (not baby).
  • Members do not have the ability to submit claims if they purchase the breast pump on their own.
  • Prior authorization is not required for a breast pump.
  • It is the DME supplier’s responsibility to collect insurance information and bill appropriately.

Finding a DME Provider

  • Providers and members can identify DME providers contracted with Iowa Total Care through their respective portals or online through specific vendor websites.
  • To find suppliers in each county:
    • Visit our Find a Provider site.
    • Enter ZIP code and plan (Iowa Total Care Medicaid).
    • In Choose a Category section, select Pharmacy & Medical Supplies  > Medical Equipment  > Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies.
    • Additional filtering is available within search results.
  • Not all DME suppliers on the Find a Provider website carry breast pumps. You or the member should confirm with the supplier.
  • Call Provider Services for assistance or questions: 1-833-404-1061.

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