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Find an Iowa Total Care Medicaid Provider

A Growing Network of Doctors to Choose From

Search online to find an in-network doctor or pharmacy near you. We work with doctors and specialists all over Iowa. Our plan members can find qualified doctors and specialists close to home.

Find a Doctor

We know choosing your doctor is important. We are currently partnering with doctors, so they are part of our Iowa Total Care network. We want to make it easy for you to find an Iowa Medicaid doctor, specialist, hospital, clinic or pharmacy in our network that is accepting new patients, so you can get the quality healthcare you need.

Our listing of doctors (PDF). Check back often if you do not see your doctor. You can also let us know if your doctor is not in our network yet. We will try and get them added if they are not already in the process.

If you don’t have a doctor or would like to choose a new one, we would also be happy to help. Please call 833-404-1061 to talk with our Member service department.

Listing of Doctors, Pharmacies, and Vision Providers (PDF)

Welcome Iowa Total Care Members

We look forward to serving you as an Iowa Total Care member. Check out our benefits, such as rewards for healthy behaviors and pregnant support in our Iowa Medicaid Plan Benefits. Please note, that you can choose or switch doctors while on our plan at any time.

Iowa Medicaid Find a Provider Online Tool

Search doctors through our online tool. This tool includes providers that are contracted with Iowa Total Care and credentialed*. If you don’t see your provider through this tool, please check the PDF directory (PDF). Our PDF directory includes providers that are contracted with Iowa Total Care and going through the credentialing process.

*Credentialing is the process health plans go through to confirm a provider's education, training and experience.

Search Our Iowa Medicaid Provider Directory

Find an Iowa Medicaid provider quickly by looking through our Iowa Medicaid Provider Directory. It's updated weekly, so if you don't see your provider, check back or contact us. 
Iowa Total Care Provider Directory (PDF).

Find an Iowa Medicaid Provider By Phone

If you need additional help finding a provider, please call Member Services at 1-833-404-1061 (TTY: 711), and we can help you find a doctor suited to your needs and in our network.