Manuals, Forms and Resources


  • Provider Manual (PDF) - Includes information on, but not limited to, program benefits and limitations, prior authorizations, urgent and emergency care, member rights, provider rights for advocating on behalf of members, cultural competence, grievances and appeals, and key contacts. (For information on routine vision services, see the Envolve Vision Office Manual link below.)
  • Provider Billing Manual (PDF) - Includes information on, but not limited to, Iowa Total Care’s billing guidelines, cost sharing requirements, and policies and procedures for third party liability and other collections. 
  • Consumer-Directed Attendant Care (CDAC) User Guide (PDF) - Includes information on CDAC services covered by Iowa Total Care. 
  • Envolve Vision Office Manual – Includes information on routine vision services. After creating an account, use the Eye Health Manager provider portal to view the office manual, plan specifications, policies and procedures, verify member eligibility, manage claims, check the status of a claim, review past claim submissions, and reprint EOPs.


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Provider Contracting & Credentialing Forms have been moved to the Contracting & Credentialing Forms page.

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