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Iowa Medicaid Program

Our Iowa Medicaid managed care plan offers comprehensive healthcare and benefits as well as support, education, and community-based programs. Learn more about our Iowa Medicaid state plan below or get in touch with us today to speak with an Iowa Total Care representative.

Why Iowa Total Care for Iowa Medicaid Coverage?

At Iowa Total Care we understand how important you and your family's health care needs are. It's important to us too.

We are here to support your health needs and make that part of your day easier. Iowa Total Care is your partner and advocate.

For more information, call Member Services at
1-833-404-1061 (TTY: 711).

Member Coronavirus Guide

Is Iowa Medicaid Right for Me?

IA Health Link (Medicaid) and Hawki are state health programs for adults and families. Iowa Total Care offers health insurance benefits for those who qualify for the Iowa Medicaid programs.

These services include:

  • Physical Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Long-Term Care
  • Community Benefits

To be eligible, all Iowa Medicaid programs require individuals who meet certain federal guidelines. These include citizenship, residency, and income requirements.

Iowa Medicaid program eligibility also depends on your age, family size, and any special health needs you may have.

How to Enroll

Become a Member of Iowa Total Care

All Medicaid plans in Iowa cover the same basic services. As an IA Health Link plan provider, Iowa Total Care offers a superior Iowa Medicaid plan available for you and your family.

Our network of local providers allows us to connect you with providers and the services you need in your area. Our Iowa Medicaid program members also have access to exclusive resources and wellness topics. It’s time to take control of your health and Iowa Total Care can help you through the process.