Improving Accessibility

Iowa Total Care continuously works to remove barriers that prevent our members from accessing quality healthcare. Our responsibility is to make it simple for our members to get well, stay well and be well.

To continue this mission, Iowa Total Care has launched a Provider Accessibility Initiative (PAI). The goal of the PAI is to improve member access and health outcomes by increasing the percentage of practitioner locations and services in our network that meet the minimum federal and state disability access standards.

PAI Survey

In order to ensure your disability access is current and accurate, we ask that you complete our survey. Please fill it out to the best of your abilities. Complete a survey for every service location where you serve Iowa Total Care members.

Your accessibility will then be represented in our provider directory so disabled members know whether a provider they are considering will be able to accommodate their disability.

Begin Survey

You can download a paper copy (PDF) of the PAI survey to review the questions asked on the survey prior to completing it online. Or, you can complete the paper copy and submit it your Provider Relations Specialist.

Additional Details about PAI